Looking for a location to shoot?

We would love to have you at Studio Odyssey.

Our fully equipped studio is here to cater to your needs!

Furniture and equipment options available from $40/hr.


2 X Godox AD400Pro Witstro All-in-One

1 X Westcott 35x160cm Stripe Box Modifier with Egg Crate

1 X Godox 120cm Dome Modifier with Egg Crate

1 X Nanlite Mixpanel 60

1 X Sony Godox X2T Transmitter

4 X C Stand

2 X Light Stand

1 X Tripod

2 X 75x60cm Diffuser

2 X Black & White foam board panel

1 X Sony Tethering Cable

1 X Kupo 4in1 Applebox

4 X Sandbag

4 X Wallpaper (Black, White, Carnation Pink, Wheat)

Contact us for our hourly and package rates.